PU 036: Church Partnerships

Alisa Schmitz answers questions about church partnerships. When a church in the U.S. partners with a community in the developing world, life change occurs on both sides of the relationship. The overseas community can be released from poverty, and the U.S. church can also learn and grow. Ultimately, church partnerships exist to bring about the Kingdom of God.

In this episode…

  1. The goal of long-term church partnerships
  2. Preparation for short-term mission trips and ongoing relationships (Matthew 10:9-10)
  3. Honoring the people we are serving (Ruth 2:15-16)
  4. Keys to ongoing, vibrant relationships

Learn more about Community-2-Community partnerships – long-term relationships between American churches and communities in the developing world.

Alisa Schmitz is Senior Director of Global Engagement at Food for the Hungry.

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PU 010: Insights from a Short-term Team

An interview with Josh Kienzle on lessons learned from colonialism and taking the posture of a cross-cultural learner.

Josh shares the location and characteristics of Mozambique, with special attention to the community of Mucodza, Mozambique.

Who is the main character of a short-term mission trip? It should be God, not the team. (Mark 10)

God is rewriting the history of Mozambique and the text of our lives. (2 Sam 22:21-25)

Social problems due to colonialism, and social problems due to sin (Romans 12:21)

Short-term teams to Mozambique and other countries

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