A Life Surrendered to God

Many college students have big dreams about how they’ll use their university degrees to change the world. But for many of us, real life sets in shortly after we graduate. There are loans to pay back, rent to cover, salaries that draw us in, love interests that anchor us to a particular city. Many times, life just doesn’t work out in the idealistic way we expect.

But what happens to those who really do follow through? In this episode, I sat down with Mesha Smith, who served with Food for the Hungry for four years in Peru. She talked about her experiences living cross-culturally–about the changes she saw happen in the communities where she served, and about the changes that God brought about in her own life through the experience.

Mesha Smith received her degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at New Mexico State University. She joined Food for the Hungry in 2006 and served for four years in Lima, Peru through the Hunger Corps program. Mesha worked as Communication Coordinator and Community Development Promoter. She took photos, wrote stories, designed literature, and created videos about the work of FH in Peru. Mesha now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she works with InFaith, a mission organization that ministers within the United States. She works in their Communication Department and is helping to form an intentional community of believers who live together in order to minister to their Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood.

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