PU 028: Conflict in Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced a 20-year civil war, with millions of deaths and internally displaced people. Chris Sheach shares the reality from his experiences on the ground in Congo.

Chris Sheach worked in the hotel and security industries, as well as two years in provincial government, before starting his relief and development career. He has worked in Vietnam, Indonesia, Mozambique, Burma and the DR Congo, and studied seven languages. Currently completing his Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University, Toronto, he consults for Food for the Hungry Relief Unit as an Emergency Response Coordinator.

Read about Food for the Hungry’s response in Congo or the Food for the Hungry Relief Unit.

Prayer requests mentioned by Chris in this episode:

  • Pray for an end to the conflict in Congo
  • Pray for strength and support for church leaders
  • Pray for a spirit of reconciliation in Congo

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