PU 042: Overcoming AIDS

HIV/AIDS is not only a subject of global concern–it’s an issue embodied by real people every day. In this interview, Kim Buttonow tells the story of a teenager named Claire and the courageous woman who saved her life.

Kim Buttonow is HIV/AIDS Programs Coordinator for Food for the Hungry. Based in Washington, D.C., Kim has worked with Food for the Hungry in countries around the world since 2001.

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Change for Life is a new way to bring hope to those suffering from the AIDS crisis, one of the most severe health problems the world has ever faced.

When you get involved with Change for Life, Food for the Hungry will provide your church, Sunday School class, workplace or other group with small containers to collect spare coins for six weeks. As the containers fill up, the accumulation of pocket change will fund the programs that Kim discussed on today’s episode. Get started here.


1 thought on “PU 042: Overcoming AIDS

  1. Wendy, it struck me in Kim’s comments how important it is that we need committed Christian PEOPLE working to conquer HIV/AIDS. Claire in Haiti wasn’t turned around by a program, she was turned around because a human being cared. Anti-retrovirals are helpful but they can’t “be Jesus” to someone. Thanks to you and Kim for this insightful interview.

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